Sugar production plant from sugar beet

Sugar manafacturing plant from sugar beet

Sugar beet processing generally subject to raw material pretreatment, exudation, clean,evaporation, boiling sugar and other processes. Beet sugar beet processing first conveying water from the pit to beet the workshop (except for dry transportation), the weeding, in addition to stone and After cleaning, the beet cut wire, seeping into the inside, reverse pass into the hot water to extract sugar from sugar beets and other wire soluble solids. from leaking devices add lime juice extracted treatment, and then charge into the carbon dioxide , the mixed precipitate after filtration, to go unless the sugar substance. decolonization of sugar juice in the further use of sulfur dioxide, and then sent to the multi-effect evaporator, concentration, 65BX. sent to the

crystallization of sugar boiling pot, and then by separation, drying, refined sugar and packaging factory.


The whole production line can be divided into feeding, raw material reaction (heating, heat preservation, cooling), finished product forming (refining, crystallizing), finished product packaging (transportation, crushing, quantitative packaging), three sections, each The section can be divided into different paths according to the raw material tank and the destination tank. Each path starts automatically according to the process sequence, and stops automatically according to the material level sensor. The working status of the equipment is displayed in the central control room, and the equipment is overloaded. The fault is displayed in the central control room.

1. From conveying, cleaning and shredding, all beets are automatically controlled by PLC computer with one key, automatic alarm and automatic shutdown when material is cut off, and output is controlled by frequency conversion.

2. Automatic water addition, automatic temperature adjustment, automatic pressure control, and large-scale display screen to monitor data at all times.

3. The ash-filling, filtration, and sludge discharge are all automatically controlled.

4. The water valve, air valve, material valve and sugar juice valve are all controlled by pneumatic or electric automatic control,automatic detection of PH value, automatic heating of nitrogen, and various pressures. (air pressure, water pressure) automatic adjustment, large screen display.

Processing capacity: 50-20000T per day.







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